Be Helping Hands to the Needy Women during A Covid-19 Pandemic #SheNeedsPad

Be Helping Hands to the Needy Women during A Covid-19 Pandemic #SheNeedsPad

Today I am sharing and requesting you all to support this initiative started by Everteen. Everteen is distributing 1 Million Free Sanitary Pads to the lockdown affected women. And I am helping Everteen in this initiative of #SheNeedsPad.

While fighting with Covid-19, we shouldn’t forget about the menstrual hygiene of those who don’t even have a home during a lockdown. 

Lockdown affected women means those who are not able to afford sanitary pads cause of no income during the lockdown and to those who are not able to reach a nearby store to get the sanitary pads. 

If you guys are capable of donating at least one pack of the sanitary pad, then check out their website to donate free pads. If you are not capable of doing that, please share this with your friends and family or on social media. Spread this message so that needy women can get benefits from this initiative. 

If you know someone who needs sanitary pads nearby, you can directly add that person’s address on their website. 

I hope you guys will help our Indian Women to be healthy and hygienic. 

Thank you, 

Prashasti Patel 

Hustle in Summer with Unwanted Hairs?

Hustle in Summer with Unwanted Hairs?

Summer is arrived in India with full fledged and we all are sweating all day long except those who don’t sit and work in Air-conditioned rooms and offices. Even if you have AC rooms at work place you may not have AC cars to save your self from the heat. Along with that problems we also suffer for what to wear in summer to be sweat-free all day long and also protect your skin from suntan.

Summer is all about wearing short and sleeveless clothes in cool prints and colors. So when you get sorted with the outfit for a day then the next problem will be unwanted hairs on your body, especially for women. Women always love them and feel confident when they look perfect from inside out.

To clear this unwanted hair problems, I got the Solution. You are having the options to do shaving or waxing immediately to remove those unwanted hairs. But for long term solution this product is best to choose. This is based on the Ayurvedic formula.

The product name is NEUD – Natural Hair Inhibitor. Firstly I love its packaging, comes in double packaging. So the glass bottle be safe and cap is also double so if one of them get damage the product still remains in good condition. The consistency of product is just like cream, so the little amount of cream covers a large area. According to instruction it should be massaged in circular manner and let it absorb into the skin. It doesn’t harms the skin. I also like its fragrance.

Effects of it will be seen after long time , approx 2 weeks. I have seen good results of it on my skin. I am going to continue it for long time. NEUD is natural hair inhibitor , it works on the roots of hair shaft and cuts the excess hair growth points.

NEUD reduces your hustle by :

  • Painless freedom from unwanted hairs.
  • Saves your time of salon.
  • Hair-free skin for long period.
  • Stops growth of unwanted facial & body hairs.

I would highly recommend this products to those who have fast & heavy hair growth. You can get this product from .

Concern about your Feminine Hygiene ?

Concern about your Feminine Hygiene ?

Hello Pretties , What’s happening at present in your mind?

Do you take care of yourself precisely? You may be thinking what I am talking about… Right? I am talking about the feminine hygiene. The most important thing of being women.

As you grow , become mature you will understand why feminine hygiene is important. I am going to share some facts which I came to know while reading other blogs on feminine hygiene. What products you use while menstruation ? After menstruation ? or what you do if you are having problem of vaginal discharge? While all these periods taking care of your vagina is very important. Why? Because you must be using sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners,etc.

Do you know how they are made?

  • Sanitary pads are not purely made of cotton but they’re made of cellulose gel , cellulose fibers can cause cervical cancer.
  • Pads are made of plastic materials, some chemicals that are made to plastic like BPA & BPS can complicate embryonic development. The plasticizers can actually lead to organ damage.
  • The Dioxin (chemical which give white color to the pad) present in the pads can cause ovarian cancer.
  • Pads contain pesticides and herbicides.
  • Perfumed products can imbalance your normal body pH level and it increase the chances of developing bladder infections. Bacterial infection caused by staph. aureus can leads to Toxic Shock Syndrome.

After presenting this above information to you guys , I would recommend to use organic products which is made up of organic cotton (without pesticides and herbicides) , non perfumed. I recently come in contact with the brand which makes organic pads, panty-liners, intimate wash, menstrual cups. I got my hands on Everteen-Daily Panty Liners recently.

Everteen panty liners performed so well. In comparison with other brands which I was using regularly these were amazing. It’s 100% cotton so it was ultra light weight, gives protection for upto 8 hours. It doesn’t leave any rashes to the skin.

More information about Panty liners-

  • A panty liner is similar to a pad or sanitary napkin, but a little lighter, thinner and not used to soak up too much of your menstruation/period blood.
  • It can be used to absorb daily vaginal discharge. post-intercourse discharge or even a light period flow.
  • If a panty liner is worn to protect against light menstruation, discharge, light urine leakage or spotting, it should be changed as regularly as you change a sanitary pad.
  • If the panty liner is worn for any other purpose, it should be changed as soon as it feels moist, & probably after no longer than 8 hours.
  • Use of pantliners regularly is not encouraged as they can be a source of infection or irritate the vulva skin. Their best use is as a temporary measure to prevent staining from light flow or discharge; if you do want to wear them regularly, choose non-fragmented and 100% cotton to at-least ensure less chemicals are in contact with you.

Everteen has a huge variety of organic products for feminine hygiene. You can check them at