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WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRIENDS (new year according to gujarati months i.e. post diwali)

So in this post I am sharing a bit knowledge about the rare condition Hypersplenism. I think everybody have some relatable knowledge about very common health conditions like Diabetes , Blood Pressure problems , Heart attack but they may not have some knowledge about rare or less known conditions. Let’s check out about Hypersplenism.

The spleen is an organ found in the upper left side of your abdomen. The spleen helps filter old and damaged cells from your bloodstream.

Hypersplenism is a term used to indicate Anemia(deficiency of red blood cells or haemoglobin in RBCs), Leucopenia(reduced WBCs) & thrombocytopenia(reduced blood platelet count) associated with prominent spenomegaly i.e enlargement of spleen(due to any cause) and a normal or hypercellular bone marrow.


  • Enlarged spleen
  • Low level of one or more types of blood cells
  • Feeling full too soon after eating
  • Stomach pain on the left side

Common Causes

Primary hypersplenism – No detactable cause.

Secondary hypersplenism – Portal Hypertension , Malaria, Kala-azar, Tropical Splenomegaly Syndrome, Tuberculosis.


Primary hypersplenism is treated by Splenectomy ( Removal of Spleen).

Secondary hypersplenism is cured by treating underlying causes.


THANK YOU FOR READING . I hope you all are getting some good knowledge from my blog. For any queries do comment below.



Seasonal Change

Hello Healthy Friends…. Hows doing all of you? I was a bit off from blog for last 1 month I think….

Being from Gujarat; I am a big big big fan of Navaratri so I was busy in that festival & I enjoyed alot this year.

After enjoying too much I am having cough & cold nowadays so sharing some general information about this COUGH AND COLD condition.

I receive cold especially when seasonal changes takes place. But every one doesn’t have same reason for cold. Most of the person get affected by seasonal changes. If you have lower immunity you will be seek immediately and for long time. If you have enough immunity to fight against that viruses you will be healthy and will not be affected much.

Whenever cold occurs due to seasonal change , my advice for that is please avoid medicine for that. Cold causing viruses helps us to build newer antibodies in our body to fight against that cold. So this will naturally improve your immunity level. If you go for medications, your body will not produce that particular antibodies in enough amount. You will be OK within minimum 2-3 days & maximum 1 week depending on your immunity.

Better to avoid medicines in condition of Cold. For cough you can go for some home remedies like turmeric milk, Roasted chickpeas, juice of tulsi n all.

If you guys want to know more about home remedies for cough or any other conditions ; let me know in the comments below.

☺ Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺

Low Back Pain ; Sciatica

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As I have told one of the reason for low back pain & Sciatica in my previous post i.e. High heels.

Let’s go in detail –

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition in which sciatic nerve is involved. From the origin of sciatic nerve that is from the spinal cord in lower levels L5 -S1 nerve roots. There it goes under tension due to disc displacement or minor injury. Basic cause of sciatic nerve impingement is disc displacement. And for that many other reasons or condition are responsible.

What is Nerve?

Nerve is the part which is responsible for muscle action. Nerve arises from brain & spinal cord. If the nerve gets cut the muscles which are supplied by it gets paralysed. So nerves are so much important for normal movements of your body.

When degenerative changes starts because of ageing, it leads to disc displacement or prolapsed disc condition. That is the reason for back pain. When it occurs in lumbosacral region most commonly involved nerve is sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve supplies all the major muscle groups of lower limb (leg) like hamstrings, Calf.

When disc starts to compress nerve roots at the level of L5 -S1 , pain starts radiating down in the leg .

Initially pain may be tolerable but subsequently it becomes so much irritating that you have to go for check up & investigation reports.

Treatment includes medications for pain relief because the condition is not reversible, when nerve compression starts through bony structure of spine it will increase in future. Compression can be removed only by operative treatment. But if you care from the start of the condition you can stop more compression by avoiding particular type of work & movement. You can go for physiotherapy treatment which very effective for this condition.

So in continuation of HEELS OR HEALTH this is the eye opening post who blindly follow fashion trends of wearing heels.

☺ Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺

👠 Heels OR Health; What’s more Important? 🙇

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Hello lovely souls…

Here I am with another major issue related to health & heels.

So now a days Fashion is must for everybody. Fashion trends goes with High heels 👠 around the world.


Starting from the teen age or we can call starting from childhood preety girls start following fashion or their family persons who are more fashionable…. they copied them.. & start using high heels or just normal heels in day today wear.

For fashionistas it is must for their career aspect. But it can be dangerous for their future life.

High heels changes normal alignment of human body ; so body have to balance according to height of heels which is to be worn daily.

Very bad impact occurs on your spine, which leads to low back pain in 35-40 years of age & that is because degenerative changes and disc displacement. Another changes occurs in your lower leg muscles. High heels leads to shortening of calf & hamstring muscles ( leg muscles ) along with the nerve – Sciatic nerve. Sum up of low back pain – disc displacement -shortening of muscles & nerve leads to severe condition in early age than normal .

So keep reading – Detailed information about condition is coming in the next post .

Healthy Advice : Now onwards avoid high heels & go with the flats. You can wear heels occasionally , possibly 2-3 times a month for few hours.

☺Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺

Are you overusing your hand..?

#De Quervain’s Tenovaginitis


Don’t worry… Just have knowledge & be aware that what can be happen if you use your hand over the limit…

Overuse doesn’t mean regular activities of hand.. ( talking in terms of wrist ). The problem starts if you are professionally working in that kind of work which needs your wrist to work more… like to cooking as profession, sewing ( tailor ), typing ( type writer ) & in some cases housewives can also be affected through this problem.

The problem is pain & swelling at the base of the thumb initially then pain radiates upto forearm. Medically termed as De Quervain’s Tenovaginitis [ DQ ].

In medical language – It results from inflammation of the common sheath of abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis tendons.

In image circular area in red is initial location of pain & after that it radiates up to the mid forearm.

Treatment of it is possible in early stage by giving rest to the wrist in crepe bandage ; Ultrasonic radiation may bring some relief. Some of the exercises also can help….. In chronic case… operation has to be done.. in which slitting and excision of a part of tendon sheath is done.

☺Stay Healthy, Stay happy ☺

Got the Liebster Award nomination… 

Hi.. everyone.  I have nominated for the LIEBSTER AWARD by Nathprasad Dhanavat. Thank you so much for this nomination… Your blog contains good reading material which is many a times so inspiring 👍.  I would recommend my followers to check out his blog.

The rules of this award : 

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11 Question I have received from Nathprasad Dhanavat : 

1. What is the most selfish thing you have done ever?

Ans.: Nothing 

2. Suppose! .. If your spouse represents to other country and the match has to be played against ur country, will you support to ur spouse or ur own country? 

Ans.: My country 

3.What is the biggest regret of your life?

Ans.: That is I started doing what I want to do very late…

4. Which is your favorite movie? 

Ans.: Hum sath sath hai 😂😂 Anytime ready to watch… this movie. 

5. If you have given choice to choose.. 1) Love marriage 2) arrange marriage.. which one is good by you?

Ans.: Love marriage  

6. Is money the root of all evil 🙊? 

Ans.: That depends on how you use it. 

7. When should you reveal a secret you said you wouldn’t? 

Ans.: Never… 😃😃

8. Do you like my blog?  If Yes/No why?

Ans.: yes bcoz it contains good stuff.. 

9. Imagine it is a dark night 🌃, you are alone, it is raining ☔ outside, you hear someone walking 🚶 around your window, who do you wish was there with you? 

Ans. : Scary scene but I have no fear for this type of situations so I can handle that..😀😀

10. Which would you choose, true love 😍 with a guarantee of broken 💔 heart, or never loved at all? Why? 

Ans.: When someone love you to the fullest without any expectations ,  your given choice options doesn’t matters. So I will choose true & honest love.

11.What is more difficult for you, looking into someone eyes when you telling someone how you feel, or looking into someone’s eyes when they are telling you how they feel ?

Ans.: This is something I have never noticed. 

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11 Random Facts about me:

1. Dance lover.

2. Honest person.

3. Love Shopping 😀.

4. Music lover.

5. Fitness concerned. 

6. Healthy food lover.

7. Love cooking. 

8. Do experiment with food very often.

9. Have a lot of dreams to accomplish in future…

10. Quiet person. 

11. Never compromise with my own ethics. 

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Congratulations to the nominees.. 

11 Question for you all are… 

1. Which country you love most for tourism? 

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7. Tell your all time favourite 3 dishes.

8. If you get chance to do acting, which character you will love to perform? 

9. When you get a big achievement in anything like sports/exams/business/jobs then with whom you will share it first?

10. What is more important in critical situation? 1. To give respect  or 2. Save your self respect.

11. Do you love Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi?  Why? 👀

Once again thank you for nomination Nathprasad Dhanavat. & Congrats to next nominees. 


Main Heroes of Earth 🌱: Farmers 

I consider Farmers as a main Heroes on Earth who work for us. They do farming obviously for their family survival but their work is so much important for us also.. by the help of them we are able to eat…. we can feed our family.  

As an awareness for their presence, their life, their money, their facilities & their health problems I am trying to convey what farmers suffers from by doing a ton of work for us ( each and everyone’s  life ). 

Farming needs a lot of energy. Time consumption for engendering initially. Then for irrigation farmers needs to pay attention. And at last at the time of harvesting they do so much hardwork…. All this activities of farmers leads to so many physical problems such as backpain , knee pain most commonly because of maximum use of this joints in activities. Backpain , kneepain is just the outer words… actually thare may be spondylolysis ; spondyolisthesis : sciatica;  spondylitis;  degeneration of knee joint etc medical conditions. 

Farmers never complain anything for their health initially ,when they can’t tolerate then only visit a Doctor , take some medicine for a period of time… because they don’t have a good amount of money to take care of their health…  

So I just want to deliver a message to our youth to provide farmers a good health by frequently organising free camp with qualified doctors & providing medicines in villages. If possible then open a multi speciality hospital 🏥 ( with Phycisian, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Dermatologist, Orthopaedic Doctor etc..) with good amount of facilities with good volunteer doctors at low cost so that our HEROES and their families don’t suffer from any health problems and stay FIT & FINE

Provide facilities to Farmers so they don’t have to do compromise with their health. 💐


YOGA : A beautiful gift by Guru Patanjali 

#InternationalYogaDay #yoga #relaxation #health

Hi friends , coming up with some knowledge of Yoga. Yoga mean to be centred / focused in whatever you do.. Yoga in general makes you relax, calm & healthy. 

Firstly introduced by Yoga Guru Patanjali;  How intelligent he was at that time? we just can’t imagine it…

Yoga is a miracle for some diseases & conditions . Through Pranayama and Asanas  so many diseases are cured. 

Internally Yoga – i.e. pranayam & asanas centralise our life energy , make our chakras balanced thus we can be healthy internally means mentally and physically. 

Yogasanas should be learned by every child which improves their physical fitness,  flexibility & strength from their younger age. On other hand yoga can be learned at any age when  you don’t have any severe conditions like spondyolisthesis , pott’s spine , if you have gone through joint replacement surgery then localised movement involving that joint should be avoided.  

This technique to become overall healthy takes time and don’t give immediate results so you must understand that if you want to treat your disease or condition from root then you have to keep patience. 

So.. these words are for awareness for all of you.. as International Yoga Day is coming on 21st June & celebration occur worldwide. 

Start becoming healthy by doing YOGA.

Stay healthy Stay happy ☺ 

Wake up People… Environment is for Us.

Move on! #save the environment.


Fresh and live air surround,
Peace in party still a sound.
This sound is very pleasant,
Because there is no pollutants.

Wide variety of creature,
They all live in the nature.
Seeing their vivid picture,
I felt the most pleasure.

Look at the silver snow,
Seems like colourful rainbow.
Its beauty want to show,
Earth is your worth to know.


But nobleman made a government,
Started to play with the environment.

Beauty becoming the waste,
Waste becoming the nest.
All worrying about mobile charging,
No one for the global warming.

Living Giants creating problem,
Cleanliness is the main conclusion.
Its all knows,but who care
Environmentalist are very rare.