Seasonal Change

Hello Healthy Friends.... Hows doing all of you? I was a bit off from blog for last 1 month I think.... Being from Gujarat; I am a big big big fan of Navaratri so I was busy in that festival & I enjoyed alot this year. After enjoying too much I am having cough &… Continue reading Seasonal Change


👠 Heels OR Health; What’s more Important? 🙇

#highheels #heels #health #lowbackpain Hello lovely souls... Here I am with another major issue related to health & heels. So now a days Fashion is must for everybody. Fashion trends goes with High heels 👠 around the world. Starting from the teen age or we can call starting from childhood preety girls start following fashion… Continue reading 👠 Heels OR Health; What’s more Important? 🙇

Style weds Fashion

Hey..... followers I am so happy to share here that I have started another blog... named STYLE weds FASHION after getting your support on this blog.. so check it out & follow that blog too if you like it.. Thank you all.. Do visit please.. See the comment box.. for link.  

Facts on Breastfeeding – 3

Continuing last post.. some more facts on Breastfeeding recommended by WHO are... ■ Regulating breast-milk substitutes An international code to regulate the marketing of breast-milk substitutes was adopted in 1981. It calls for: all formula labels and information to state the benefits of breastfeeding and the health risks of substitutes; no promotion of breast-milk substitutes;… Continue reading Facts on Breastfeeding – 3