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Yoga Asanas to Improve Thyroid

The Thyroid is the most common condition happening nowadays. Thyroid mainly occurs due to an unhealthy and undisciplined lifestyle. An unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits cause irregularity of hormones and thus thyroid hormone imbalance causes weight gain or weight loss and so many other problems.

The thyroid is of two types. Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism. In hypothyroidism, there is a lack of enough thyroid hormones and in Hyperthyroidism, there is an increase in the thyroid hormones.

Yoga helps to regulate hormones in the body. Few asanas can also help in the regulation of thyroid gland functions and thus regulates thyroid hormones.

The Following Asanas helps to cure thyroid gradually.


Pawanmuktasana, as the name suggest this pose is most beneficial to release extra gas from the whole body. The pressure created on thyroid gland in full neck flexion position helps to regulate thyroid functions.


Kandhrasana also creates pressure on neck by lifting the body against floor. In this pose hands should be clasped at ankle, so the downward pull from arms and back muscles helps to create more pressure.


The name represents the pose, in this pose body takes shape like a snake. The upper back moves upward and neck should be in full extended position like watching on the ceiling. All neck stretching poses helps to regulate thyroid hormones.


Ushtrasana – The Camel Pose, from sitting in a vajrasana pose going in a backbend pose keeps the neck in gravity assisted extended position. Along with thyroid gland regulation this pose helps to opens up chest and hips. Improves breathing capacity, digestion, relieves back pain.


The pose aids best thyroid and parathyroid health. The pose is difficult to achieve by beginners but can always done with modifications. In this pose the whole body gets lifted of the floor till the neck. The neck & thyroid gland feels tremendous pressure in this pose.


Matsyasana – The Fish Pose. Matsyasana should be done compulsory after performing the sarvangasana. The pressure felt while doing sarvangasana is relieved by performing matsyasana. It also help to expand the chest and relieves shoulder and upper back muscular stress.


Simhasana – The Lion Pose, helps to relieve tension from neck, chest and face. Helps to prevent asthama, sore throat and other respiratory disease.

The traditional yoga practice takes place very calmly and at quiet place. Yoga helps to improve patience and let go of unwanted things/thoughts. For better health results one must have to be consistent and dedicated.


By Prashastii Patel

Dr. Prashastii Patel is a Physical Therapist & a certified fitness trainer. Being in the medical field, she loves to share information and knowledge about Health, Fitness and Wellness here on this blog. Dr. Prashasti Patel is the Founder of Kaushalyam Fitness & Wellness Center. She also runs another blog in the category of Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. She has also done master in Reiki Healing. She treats people with Reiki also.

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