Relaxing Reiki : A Quick nap during a Day

Hello beautiful Souls..  I hope and pray that you always be blessed with positive energy within & around you. I am practicing reiki since 2012 & this year I found something new about it. It is very usual with any reiki practitioner, but I found it later so sharing it with you today. Whenever I feel tired and I thought I need some more sleeping … Continue reading Relaxing Reiki : A Quick nap during a Day

Save your Children from STRESS…

Stress is very common condition. You can see it in every human being. There is no one who haven’t deal with the stress once in a lifetime. Most of the time Stress occurs because of the situations, post-traumatic , hormonal imbalance, etc. Being an adult you can understand what is stress in your feeling and how to deal with it. But in case of children, … Continue reading Save your Children from STRESS…


Night owl – A person who is habitually active or wakeful at night.
Lark – A person who habitually gets up early and feels energetic early in the day.

We all know that sleeping at late night causes lots of disadvantages. And that disadvantages are not temporary what we feel on next day morning. But that affect through out your life. Ayurveda has given ideal time for sleep i.e. 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. which is best for your body and mind. Medical Science has also proven that late night sleeping is associated with many diseases and disorders.

In today’s generation it is most common thing, I don’t think we should mention it as a problem cause It has became a habit now (by choice). Reasons behind that vary on what type of person you are , Students have to be awake for studies – exams , same way job workers has also some deadlines for completion of work , some people just spend time on social media till late night. Eveningness is also associated with unhealthy diet habits (more fat intake) which leads to increase risk of cardiometabolic diseases. In geriatrics eveningness is associated with depression and mood disorders.

Late night persons also experience greater “social jetlag”, which is caused by going to bed and waking up later on non-working days compared to working days. Greater social jetlag is also associated with overweight.

People who wake up late have an internal biological clock that doesn’t match their external environment. Ultimately it may results in to long term problems – increase prevalence of wide variety of diseases or disorders, including diabetes, psychological, neurological, respiratory and gastrointestinal/abdominal disorders.
Night owls have 10% higher risk of dying sooner than larks according to a study from Northwestern Medicine and University of Survey in UK.

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CKD brings low IQ in Children

Hello readers , Hope you all are fine. Sharing some knowledge related to chronic kidney disease. As per new analysis outcome , Children with chronic kidney disease [CKD] may have lower intellectual functioning compared with the general population with mild deficits across academic skills, executive function and visual & verbal memory. Chronic kidney disease in children clearly affect their physical health, but research also indicates … Continue reading CKD brings low IQ in Children

How much Alcohol Consumption is OK?

As we all know alcohol is not good for health but on the other hand it is also used in medicinal purposes, well-known use in cough syrups. So , according to this consideration a little amount of alcohol in certain conditions is good. So let’s update our knowledge by knowing about new research. New research shows that alcohol may help to clean the mind. The … Continue reading How much Alcohol Consumption is OK?

New study about – Migraine & Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

Migraine is a common primary headache disorder, characterized by recurrent episodes of neurological , gastrointestinal and autonomic symptoms alone or in combination. Migraine affects nearly 15% of the population or about 1 billion people worldwide. The lifetime prevalence of migraine is 10-20% , depending on the ease definition and on the age & sex distribution of the study population. After puberty , the incidence of … Continue reading New study about – Migraine & Risks of Cardiovascular Diseases

Does your Children suffers from Sleep Disturbance?

Firstly wish you all a very happy 2018 . WISH YOU ALL GET GOOD HEALTH & WEALTH. As a title suggest you will get some good and beneficial information for your child’s health. So if your children are weak in educational activities , suffers from sleep disturbance then continue reading this latest study based information. A study was done by University of Pennsylvenia. Study relates … Continue reading Does your Children suffers from Sleep Disturbance?

Memory difficulties in daily life of Elder persons?

#memory #dementia #Alzheimer’s #health #healthblogger How are you my healthy community? Hope you all doing well & making your life healthy. Can any one guess about what I am going to share today? Well, If you can guess that’s good and if you can’t that’s very good. Let’s move to the topic…. Presently many of the elderly persons suffers from memory difficulties in daily life … Continue reading Memory difficulties in daily life of Elder persons?