April Invitations 2019

Open Invitation to all …. Continue reading April Invitations 2019

Facts on Breastfeeding – 2

In continuation of last post some more facts on Breastfeeding recommended by WHO are… ■ Long term benefits for children Beyond the immediate benefits for children, breastfeeding contributes to a lifetime of good health. Adolescents and adults who were breastfed as babies are less likely to be overweight or obese. They are less likely to have type- II diabetes and perform better in intelligence tests. ■ Why not infant formula? Infant formula does not contain the antibodies found in breast milk. The long term benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and children cannot be replicated with infant formula. When infant formula … Continue reading Facts on Breastfeeding – 2

Facts on Breastfeeding – 1

Hiii.. everyone… Wish you a very Happy August coming up… Aaaand want to tell you that from 1st August to 7th August We have World Breastfeeding Week. The week is celebrated since 1992 for awareness about breastfeeding – for the health of infants – for the health of mother. So for the knowledge update I am sharing the facts on Breastfeeding which are recommended to by World Health Organisation. Get this knowledge & share this knowledge at what ever age & gender you are… This is not a topic of shyness. Facts on Breastfeeding Recommended by WHO : ■ WHO … Continue reading Facts on Breastfeeding – 1

Facts on Breastfeeding – 3

Continuing last post.. some more facts on Breastfeeding recommended by WHO are… ■ Regulating breast-milk substitutes An international code to regulate the marketing of breast-milk substitutes was adopted in 1981. It calls for: all formula labels and information to state the benefits of breastfeeding and the health risks of substitutes; no promotion of breast-milk substitutes; no free samples of substitutes to be given to pregnant women, mothers or their families; and no distribution of free or subsidized substitutes to health workers or facilities. ■ Support for mothers is essential Breastfeeding has to be learned and many women encounter difficulties at … Continue reading Facts on Breastfeeding – 3

Gift your Mom a good health on this mother’s day 

#Mother’sday #healthymother Hi friends , today I am sharing some healthy advice for you to take care of your mother. On upcoming mother’s day you should give a gift of good health to your mom. So here I am talking about some essential health check ups for your mom ( age around 40 & above ). In today’s lifestyle there are high risks of Osteoporosis , heart problems,  breast cancer & gynec problems for women. Your mom will be busy for taking care of yours; so its your responsibility to keep an eye on mom’s health. Osteoporosis is a condition … Continue reading Gift your Mom a good health on this mother’s day