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April Invitations 2019

Open Invitation to all ....

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Do you Know How Vitamin C can protect your Newborn Babies?

Hello my healthy readers .... Came with a very informative post today. Hope you all will spread awareness on this issue. Participate with me to make a healthy community and share it with your family and friends. The post most importantly focuses on the women who are smokers and can’t quit their smoking during pregnancies.… Continue reading Do you Know How Vitamin C can protect your Newborn Babies?

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Immunization Week #vaccinesWork

An estimated 19.5 million infants worldwide are still missing out on basic vaccines. So we are going to take some knowledge on immunization – vaccines today. World Health Organization held the campaign this year in relation of Immunization week. They also have a Quiz section on their website – You can get some more detailed… Continue reading Immunization Week #vaccinesWork

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Facts on Breastfeeding – 3

Continuing last post.. some more facts on Breastfeeding recommended by WHO are... ■ Regulating breast-milk substitutes An international code to regulate the marketing of breast-milk substitutes was adopted in 1981. It calls for: all formula labels and information to state the benefits of breastfeeding and the health risks of substitutes; no promotion of breast-milk substitutes;… Continue reading Facts on Breastfeeding – 3