Coffee Coffee and Coffee

Coffee is the one of the most common consumed beverages worldwide and have positive health benefits.

Today I am sharing all great benefits of drinking coffee daily.

People who drink coffee appear to live longer. Drinking coffee was associated with lower risk of death due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes & kidney disease. People who consumed a cup of coffee a day were 12 percent less likely to die compared to those who didn’t drink coffee. This association was even stronger for those who drank two to three cups a day – 18 percent reduced chances of death.

Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants and phenolic compounds that play an important role in cancer prevention. Coffee may also increase elimination of steroids. Whether you like your coffee black, decaf, half-caff or even instant, feel free to drink up. Coffee consumption decreases the risk of colorectal cancer. Caffeine alone is not responsible for coffee’s protective properties.

The levels of beneficial compounds per serving of coffee vary depending on the bean, roast and brewing method.“said Stephanie Schmit, PHD, MPH.

(All information are based on the scientific studies.)


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Menopause & Mediterranean Diet

Menopause is the ceasing of the monthly menstruation cycle and the end of female fertility.

Menopause, with its decline in estrogen level , speeds a women’s loss of bone mass, increasing her risk of bone thinning disease osteoporosis and broken bones. Menopause and aging also reduces muscle mass. Decline in skeletal muscle mass and strength in older people are major contributors to increased illness, reduced quality of life and higher death rates.

The Mediterranean diet has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and certain other chronic diseases.

A new study of post menopausal women in Brazil finds that a Mediterranean diet is also beneficial for an older women’s bones and muscles. The researchers reported finding higher bone mass and muscle mass in postmenopausal women who adhered to a Mediterranean diet than those who did not. This way of eating involves a high intake of fruits and vegetables, grains, potatoes, olive oil and seeds; moderately high fish intake; low saturated fat, diary and red meat consumption; & regular but moderate drinking of Red wine.

Mediterranean diet could be useful as nonmedical strategy for the prevention of osteoporosis and fractures in postmenopausal women.

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Is there any relationship between Papaya and Cancer?

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As we all know our diet keeps us most healthy in life. Fruits and vegetables are important in daily diet. Papaya is also great fruit for the body.

Papaya is a fleshy fruit with a rapid pulp softening during ripening.

Dietary fiber are generally considered carbohydrates that are incompletely processed by human digestive enzymes but can provide health benefits, such as lowering risk of colorectal cancer ( cancer wich affects colon and rectum) development. Fruits and vegetables are rich in pectin, a soluble dietary fiber found in plant cell walls.

Many types of pectin, especially the modified ones have been associated with anti-cancer activity in both in vitro and in vivo studies, such as the reduction of cell proliferation, migration, adhesion and the induction of apoptosis. These anti-cancer activities were shown for modified pectins of citrus, apple, sugar beet and ginseng. Papaya pectin is more effective than found in citrus or sugar beet.

According to studies , Papaya pectin from different ripening stages induces death of cancer cells at different levels & papaya pectine affects interaction between cancer cells and extracellular matrix proteins.

Thus , yes there is a relationship between a ripe papaya and cancer…. Ripe papaya have anti-cancer properties.

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