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All time Favorite – Summer Cooler Drink

Who don't like summer cooler drinks in these Hot Days ...? Tell me what's your favorite drink..... these days? I am sharing today a very very basic drink which you can make from only 2-3 ingredient & it is also an easy and quick recipe. What do you expect to make from 2-3 ingredients? Guess....… Continue reading All time Favorite – Summer Cooler Drink

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Why You consume Soft drinks?

Hello buddies, Hope you all are getting healthy knowledge from my blog. Must read & share all the post if you are interested to be health and make your community healthy. Today's talk is about Soft Drinks. Why you consume soft drinks? You really love them, Are you sure ? You love them as a… Continue reading Why You consume Soft drinks?

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Are you sprinkling Salt or Plastic ?

Hello Readers,  Coming back after so long with this post ,  An eye opener post.  Always love to share healthy information and here again with that. Presently every food contains some unwanted unhealthy nutrients. either to keep them fresh for long or during their production/manufacturing or for taste betterment. Today's information is on Salt, the… Continue reading Are you sprinkling Salt or Plastic ?

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Do you Know How Vitamin C can protect your Newborn Babies?

Hello my healthy readers .... Came with a very informative post today. Hope you all will spread awareness on this issue. Participate with me to make a healthy community and share it with your family and friends. The post most importantly focuses on the women who are smokers and can’t quit their smoking during pregnancies.… Continue reading Do you Know How Vitamin C can protect your Newborn Babies?

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Quick Protein Snack

Hello my healthy readers, I hope you all are fine. After long time sharing a recipe of quick protein snack which I ate today. I used to have it frequently but sharing it just now. Many of you may be love to eat this snack. It about Moong. Actually It is made from the leftover… Continue reading Quick Protein Snack

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Stay Hot, Stay Healthy.

Hello , My healthy community. What do you think about post through the title?  Looking Hot makes you healthy? Really? No way I am not at all talking about looking Hot, I am just talking about to be Hot ( body temperature). Not telling to get fever, lol. We usually have the normal body temperature… Continue reading Stay Hot, Stay Healthy.

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Fiber Rich Foods For Daily Consumption.

What is fiber? Dietary fiber is the indigestible portion of food derived from plants. There are two types of fiber – Soluble fiber which dissolves in water, it slows down digestion & Insoluble fiber helps in smooth and ease defecation. Usually we should consume foods which are high in fiber daily. So that we can… Continue reading Fiber Rich Foods For Daily Consumption.

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Q & A about your Heart

I came across this useful information about Heart-Health through one of my professor's Facebook page , thus I thought I should share it with you all guys. Just go through it, it is very beneficial. A chat with Dr. Devi Shetty, Narayana Hrudayalaya (Famous Heart Specialist) Bangalore, was arranged by WIPRO for its employees. The… Continue reading Q & A about your Heart