International Yoga Day 2021

Happy International Yoga Day 2021


How to Protect Your Eyes during Corona Pandemic?

How to protect your eyes while studying and working from home online? Tips to take care of your eyes while working in front of a computer, tablet, or mobile screens. Effects of corona pandemic on eyes and over all health.


Birds / Animal Yoga Poses |Prashasti Patel

On International Yoga Day 2020, here is my contribution to inspire you all. Birds and Animal Asanas by Prashasti Patel. Stay healthy, Stay safe.

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Be Helping Hands to the Needy Women during A Covid-19 Pandemic #SheNeedsPad

This Covid-19 Pandemic leads us to a lot of concerns about the overall health of people. Be a helping hand to needy women during this lockdown. Let’s Support a Great initiative #sheneedspad by Everteeen.

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5 Best At Home Workout Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

5 Best At-Home Exercises to Reduce your Belly Fat. You can do these 20 minute workout at home so easily to keep your self active and fit, It also helps to make your core strong 7 reduces belly fat.

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Hair fall Solution in Stressful life.

How to can I get back my Hair in this Stressful Life? Suffering from Androgenic Alopecia is directly connected to stress-induced hair fall. Thumba Hair oil is the best proven Ayurvedic tonic for growing your Hair back.

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Quarantine Invention : Punjabi Pasta / Rajma Pasta Recipe

Helloooo ! My healthy community. Hope you all are doing well while this quarantine. Being lock down at home so many people discovered artist in themselves, people find a chef,singer,painter,etc in themselves.What’s your status this lock down period? I love cooking so I am on the track of trying new recipes during lock down period. […]

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Top Super Foods for Health and Fitness

Hey Folks ! Hope your 2020 start is awesome. Wish you all a very happy new year 2020, be blessed with joy and success. Prolonged break for this space was not planned, but will try to be regular now. Enjoy reading, implement in your life & spread the knowledge cause ultimately it will reduce your […]

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Review : Nature Sure Kalonji Oil

Kalonji oil is also known as Black seed oil & Nigella sativa seeds oil. Nigella sativa seeds and oil are used in traditional medicine as a holistic approach to health in middle eastern and Asian countries. Black seed herb contains over 100 components. It is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids and contains about […]

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Fastest Growing Health Problems – Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Not Unknown Problems, Right? No one is spared, Everybody once suffers from these conditions. Also it is contagious hence growing faster and comes under fastest growing health problems. As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), 322 million individuals worldwide were affected by Depression in 2015 — 4.4 percentage of the world’s inhabitants. In the […]