Are you sprinkling Salt or Plastic ?

Hello Readers,  Coming back after so long with this post ,  An eye opener post.  Always love to share healthy information and here again with that. Presently every food contains some unwanted unhealthy nutrients. either to keep them fresh for … Continue reading Are you sprinkling Salt or Plastic ?

Scientist found why Sauna bathing is Good for your health

Over the past couple of years, scientists at University of Eastern Finland have shown that Sauna bathing is associated with a variety of health benefits. Through this latest research they investigated physiological mechanism through which the heat exposure of sauna may influence a person’s health. Heat Therapy has been suggested to improve cardiovascular function & so the latest studies suggest beneficial effects of sauna bathing on the cardiovascular system. A study was conducted on 102 participants who has at least 1 cardiovascular risk factor. They were exposed to a single sauna session of 30 mins ,temperature at 73 degree C, … Continue reading Scientist found why Sauna bathing is Good for your health

DASH Diet..

This is something to live with and manage your High Blood pressure. DASH Diet Small changes can have great impact on your health. Here are few tips on how to incorporate the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet into your daily life. The diet is simple: Eat more fruits,  vegetables and low fat dairy foods Eat more whole-grain foods, fish, poultry, nuts. Limit sodium (salt), sweets, sugary drinks and red meats Cut back on foods that are high in saturated fat,  cholesterol and trans fat. In research studies,  people who were on the DASH diet lowered their blood pressure … Continue reading DASH Diet..