Save your Children from STRESS…

Stress is very common condition. You can see it in every human being. There is no one who haven’t deal with the stress once in a lifetime. Most of the time Stress occurs because of the situations, post-traumatic , hormonal imbalance, etc.

Being an adult you can understand what is stress in your feeling and how to deal with it. But in case of children, they doesn’t have any knowledge about stressful feelings, what to do with that feelings so they can’t handle it with their mental situation.

The sources of stress can be external such as a problem at school, changes in the family,  conflict with a friend. Anxious feelings can also be caused by child’s internal feelings like doing well in studies , doing more of their interests.

  • Big changes in the family like divorce, a death or a birth of new sibling.
  • Constantly running from one activity to another can cause a great deal of stress for children, who usually need some me-time every once in while.
  • Children who are bullied often feel embarrassed about being targeted and they may hide the bullying from parents or teachers for fear of drawing attention to their perceived weaknesses.

Parents have to take care of all this things. 

  • Try to understand mental status of your child.
  • Don’t force your child to do the things in which they have least or no interest.
  • Make they to study in stress-free environment at home.
  • Behave like a friend & help them to solve their problems wisely.
  • Try to improve their weaknesses without putting them into competitions for that particular weakness.

Childhood traumas such as living in an abusive home or being neglected, can contribute to a wide array of problems down the road,  including drug and alcohol addiction, depression and anxiety & even Cardiovascular diseases. 

It is very important to save your child from having stress in their early life because chronic stress and anxiety leads to mood disorders & anxiety disorders in Adulthood. 


Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.



Healthy & Tasty Paneer Tikka

Sipping coffee and thinking that let me share last night’s dinner dish with you all. Who doesn’t love tasty and healthy dish? I know many people don’t like healthy dishes cause they don’t contain full flavours of ghee , oil , butter and lots of masalas… which doesn’t satisfy taste buds 😃. But I know who loves healthy dishes will mostly don’t care about taste . Although you have to make it tasty.

So last night I decided to make paneer tikka ; easy , tasty & healthy dish. When I made it first time my mom just loved it. So thought let me give surprise her  today also.

Let’s go into recipe now ,

Ingredients :

  • Onion – 2 medium sized
  • Green pepper – 1 large
  • Tomato – 2 medium sized
  • Curd -2 tbsp
  • Coriander powder -1 1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder -1 tsp
  • Red chilly powder -2 1/2 tsp
  • Salt – as per taste.
  • Lemon juice -1 tsp
  • Paneer – 150 gm in long slab
  • Olive oil – 2 tbsp


  • Chop all vegetables in big square shape
  • Cut paneer in a square shape.
  • Now take bowl , add curd into it & add all the dry masalas and salt into it. Mix it well. Now add 1 tsp of oil and lemon juice in it. Mix well.
  • Add all the veges and paneer into that. Mix all of them so that all vegetables and panner get coated completely.
  • Refrigerate it for an hour.
  • Now get them out and place in a barbecue skewers in colorful manner.
  • Take a nonstick flat pan, add oil into that , place skewers in that and coat vegetables and paneer above using a brush with leftover oil in pan. Add lemon juice drop on the vegetables and paneer.
  • Let it barbecue for 10 to 15 mins. Keep changing sides and coat with oil.
  • Ready to serve. Yummy tasty & healthy paneer tikka.

P.S. – Remove all water out of the curd before making it. – You can also use oilve oil spray for coating. – You can also add chat masala or garam masala into curd.

Enjoy the recipe. Leave your comments below.


The less you eat , The longer you live.

The truth revealed years ago has its great effectiveness. The less you eat, the longer you live. As on current bases you will find the advise that ‘Eat less than your Hunger at a time.’ But actually it is suitable for the whole life. You have to reduce your calorie intake (if it is more than adequate) for your healthy life. Science behind this is here….

Calorie Restriction (CR) is a dietary intervention with potential benefits for healthspan improvement & lifespan extension.

The effects of calorie restriction on humans showed that cutting calorie intake by 15% for 2 years slowed aging and metabolism and protected against age-related disease.

Calorie Restriction decreased systemic oxidative stress, which has been tied to age-related neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well as cancer , diabetes, and others.

“Restricting calories can slow your basal metabolism, an if by-products of metabolism accelerate aging processes, calorie restriction sustained over several years may help to decrease risk of chronic disease and prolong life.”says Leanne M.Redman, associate professor of Clinical Sciences at Pennington Biomedical Research in Baton Rouge, LA.

Hope you all are getting what I am conveying too you all. Do comments below your thoughts about the blog.


Do you clean your Home or Workplace ?

This may be less interested but it’s most important topic. Do you clean your home or workplace ? There is nothing wrong or right in cleaning, the matter is with which products you clean your place.

Years back there was no specific products available for cleaning , all were used to clean everything with some water and a cloth. That’s it. But today there are a lots of different products available in the market with variety of flavors and all. We do buy it cause they are filled with good flavors and chemicals which do not take more time for cleaning, Right ? Everyone is busy, no one reads ingredients or expiry-date at the time of buying.

So the main topic and harm is to the person who is cleaning,  whatever the place is – home / workplace / anyplace. Women who works as cleaner or regularly use cleaning sprays or other cleaning products at home appear to experience a greater decline in lung function overtime than women who don’t clean, according to new research published in American Thoracic Society‘s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

The authors found that the accelerated lung function decline in the women working as cleaners was “comparable to smoking somewhat less than 20 pack-years.”

Message : In the long term cleaning chemicals very likely cause rather substantial damage to your lungs, “Øistein svanes said. “These chemicals are usually unnecessary ; microfiber cloths and water are more than enough for most purposes.”


Heart-Health with Yogurt

Yogurt is the best food for all. We can consume it at any time. Definition – Yogurt is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. 

Latest studies found , Yogurt is good for patients of hypertension. High blood pressure is a major cardiovascular disease risk factor. High BP affects about one billion people worldwide but may also be a major cause of cardiovascular health problem. Higher dairy consumption has been associated with beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease-related comorbidities such as hypertension, type-2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

A new study in the American Journal of Hypertension suggest that higher yogurt intake is associated with lower cardiovascular disease among hypertensive men and women. Higher yogurt intake in combination with an overall heart-healthy diet was associated with greater reduction in cardiovascular risk among hypertensive men and women.

Yogurt may benefit heart health alone or as a consistent part of a diet rich in fiber rich fruits, vegetables  and whole grains.

Thank you for being here. Hope you are on the way to be healthy.


Does your Children suffers from Sleep Disturbance?

Firstly wish you all a very happy 2018 . WISH YOU ALL GET GOOD HEALTH & WEALTH.

As a title suggest you will get some good and beneficial information for your child’s health. So if your children are weak in educational activities , suffers from sleep disturbance then continue reading this latest study based information.

A study was done by University of Pennsylvenia. Study relates with fish consumption. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to play critical roles in the growth and functioning of neural tissue, their effects on cognitive outcomes are of particular interest.


Maternal fish intake or fish oil supplements during pregnancy, for instance , it is associated with improved neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants & young children, including language and visual motor skills at 6 and 18 months, eye and hand coordination at age 2.5 years, and IQ at age 4 years.

Dietary fish and omega-3 fatty acid intake is also associated with improved cognitive and academic performance in adolescents, and reduced cognitive decline and dementia in older age.

Study suggests that frequent fish consumption may help reduce sleep problems (better sleep quality) ,which may in turn benefit long-term cognitive functioning in children. A dose response relationship indicates high IQ scores in children who always or sometimes consumed fish compared to those who rarely ate fish.

Children who eat fish at least once a week sleep better and have IQ scores that are 4 points higher, on average, than those who consume fish less frequently or not at all. So try to include fish in your children’s regular diet and keep them over all healthy.

Thank you for reading . ☺STAY HEALTHY , STAY HAPPY.☺

Eggs are Healthy for Infant Brain Development

Hello healthy community . Today I came with some latest research information which will be beneficial to all parents for their brilliant child.

Eggs feeding to infants can provide key nutrient for better brains.


A study from the Brown School at Washiongton University in St. Louis finds infants who were introduced to eggs beginning at 6 months showed significantly higher blood concentrations of choline, other biomarkers in choline pathways, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Lora lannotti, associate dean for public health and associate professor at the Brown School is lead author of study ,”Eggs Early in Complementary Feeding Increase Choline Pathway Biomarkers and DHA: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Ecuador,”published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Choline (a nutrient that acts like vitamin B) and DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid that serves as a structural component of the brain) play vital roles in infant brain development and function.

“Like milk or seeds, eggs are designed to support the early growth and development of an organism and are, therefore, dense in nutrient content,” Lannotti said. “Eggs provide essential fatty acids, proteins, choline, vitamin A & B12, selenium and other critical nutrients at levels above or comparable to those found in other animal food products, but they are relatively more affordable.”

Research showed that – Early introduction of Eggs significantly improved linear growth and reduced stunting among infants who were introduced to eggs beginning at 6 months.

Other than research we all know about how much nutritious Eggs are, So you should include an egg in your daily diet whatever your age is.

Source: Washington University in St. Louis

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3rd December For Differentlyabled

Happy December healthy people ….

How are you all ? Hope all will be perfectly fine.

I want to ask a question that how much ability you have to do your work ? Maximum number of persons have their ability & they do so. Some of the persons have that ability but there is lack of confidence. There are some persons who are mentally / physically disabled still they have courage to do what they can’t do. This property of disabled persons makes them Differently abled persons.


Differently abled persons are gifted by god at the level of intelligence. There was a time when disabled were not having that much importance what Normal persons were have. After ages people are changing their mentality – Whole world, Nations , Government system , Law system – every system of nation & world focuses on Disabled person’s health , education , treatment, employment.

Thus we have some great talented differently able persons who have proven that they are more than normal & achieved great success. Like Sudha Chandran – Indian actress and classical dancer, Girish Sharma – Badminton champion, Shekar Naik – T20 Blind Cricket world Champion, Satendra Singh – Disability Activist, H.Boniface Prabhu – a Leading Quadriplegic Wheelchair Tennis Player, Arunima Sinha – 1st women amputee to climb Mount Everest, Javed Abidi – Founder of the Disability Rights Group……

Except  few persons there are a lot of population still needs improvement in their lifestyle some can not afford health care,some can’t get education , lots of the them experience violence. So here is some facts and figures about disabled persons from the source of UNICEF.

Facts & Figures

  • 7 billion people: world population
  • Over 1 billion people in the world have some form of disability, that’s 1 in 7
  • More than 100 million disabled persons are children
  • Children with disabilities are almost four times more likely to experience violence than non-disabled children
  • 80% of all people with disabilities live in a developing country
  • 50% of disabled persons cannot afford health care
  • 160 countries have signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

International Day of persons with Disabilities CELEBRATED on 3rd December.

This is just an introduction about this topic , there is a lot detail information can be gathered and we all can try to make the society to make differently abled persons at the same level of normal persons everywhere.

Stay Healthy , Stay Happy Always and Be aware about such important things of Society.

Thyroid Diseases in brief…. part 2.

#Hypothyroidism #myxoedema

Hi friends,  I have acknowledge you all about Hyperthyroidism in my last post… Now in this I am going to share about Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a clinical condition results from reduced production of thyroid hormone. When Hypothyroidism is of severe stage & long standing,  it is seen as myxoedema which is characterised by deposition of hyaluronic acid and mucopolysaccharides causing swelling of skin and of subcutaneous tissues.



Face in picture represents Myxoedema.


Causes of Hypothyroidism / Myxoedema : 

Primary Hypothyroidism


  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • Iodine deficiency
  • Drug induced
  • Goitrogens in foodstuffs
  • Cytokines


  • Defect in iodine transport/utilisation
  • Thyroid peroxidase  (TPO) deficiency
  • Defect in thyroglobulin synthesis
  • Thyroid agenesis
  • TSH receptor defects
  • Idiopathic TSH unresponsiveness

Central Hypothyroidism


  • Secondary  (pituitary origin)
  • Tertiary  (hypothalamic disorders)


  • TSH deficiency
  • TSH receptor defect

Resistance to thyroid hormone
Clinical features : 

General – tiredness, weight gain, cold intolerance, goiter

Skin & subcutaneous tissues – dry skin , puffiness of face , baggy eyelids, Myxoedema – swollen oedematous appearance of neck, back of hands & feet , minimal sweating,  alopecia, vitiligo.

Respiratory /Cardiovascular – Bradycardia,  angina, cardiac failure, pleural effusion

Psychiatric features – depression  (myxoedema madness) , psychosis

Neuromuscular – aches & pains , carpal tunnel syndrome, cerebellar ataxia , muscle stiffness

Hematological – Iron deficiency anemia,  Macrocytic anemia,  pernicious anemia

Reproductive system – Infertility,  Menorrhagia, Impotence

Developmental – Growth retardation, mental retardation, delayed puberty

Investigation :

Thyroid function tests – 

  • reduced T4 , rise in serum TSH indicates primary hypothyroidism.
  • Reduced T4, With normal or below level of serum TSH suggests secondary hypothyroidism.

Serum cholesterol – Elevated in primary thyroid failure.

ECG – bradycardia 


Replacement therapy : Thyroxine  (T4). Syptomatic improvement is seen within 2- 3 weeks of starting treatment.

Monitoring therapy : Restoration of T4 and TSH to normal level.

Hope you get some knowledge through this post.. Feel free to ask if you don’t understand medical terms….

Thank you for Reading.

☺Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺

Thyroid Diseases in brief…. part 1. 

#Hyperthyroidism #Grave’sdisease 

Thyroid Diseases mainly consist :

1. Hyperthyroidism

2. Hypothyroidism

3. Thyroiditis


Hyperthyroidism is the syndrome resulting from excess of thyroid hormones. The term Hyperthyroidism indicates thyroid gland overactivity resulting in thyrotoxicosis, but thyrotoxicosis can occur without hyperthyroidism when stored hormone is released from a damaged thyroid or when excess thyroid hormone is taken.

Common Causes of thyrotoxicosis – 

1. Grave’s disease – Autoimmune disorder in which thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin  (TSI) binds to & stimulate thyroid stimulating hormone  (TSH) receptor on thyroid cell membrane resulting in excessive synthesis and secretion of thyroid hormone.

2. Toxic adenoma – monoclonal autonomously secreting benign thyroid tumor

3. Toxic multi-nodular goiter – multiple  monoclonal autonomously secreting benign thyroid tumor

4. Exogenous thyroid hormone – excess exogenous thyroid hormone

Clinical features:


Symptoms – weight loss,  increased appetite,  heat intolerance & sweating,  fatigue & weakness,  hyperactivity, irritability, dysphoria, insomnia,  depression, diarrhoea,  polyuria,periodic paralysis

Signs – tremor, hyper-reflexia, warm moist heat, hairloss, muscle weakness,  cardiac failure

Diagnosis done by – 

1. Serum T3 ,T4

2. Thyroid radioiodine uptake

3. Thyroid scan

4. Serum thyroperoxidase (TPO)

Management: of Grave’s disease –

1. Antithyroid drugs

2. Radioactive iodine

3. Subtotal thyroidectomy.