Thyroid Diet – Do’s

Hello... friends... So now for thyroid patients What to eat is mentioned in this post... What to EAT : Thyroid patients must contain following 3 things in their regular diet. 1. Salad - Salad mainly made from cucumber, onion, carrots & sprouts. (sprouts - boiled for 5 minutes ) 2. Boiled Vegetables - In this… Continue reading Thyroid Diet – Do’s


Thyroid Diseases in brief….part 3 

# Thyroiditis  So lastly remains Thyroiditis from the thyroid diseases...   Thyroiditis is a term indicating presence of thyroid inflammation.  Causes :  Autoimmune thyroiditis  Postpartum - painless thyroiditis Acute infectious thyroiditis  Post irradiation  Sarcoidosis  Riedel's thyroiditis  Acute thyroiditis Clinical features :  local pain , tenderness Painfull swallowing / difficulty in swallowing  Postpartum thyroiditis - painless… Continue reading Thyroid Diseases in brief….part 3 

Thyroid Diseases in brief…. part 2.

#Hypothyroidism #myxoedema Hi friends,  I have acknowledge you all about Hyperthyroidism in my last post... Now in this I am going to share about Hypothyroidism.   Hypothyroidism is a clinical condition results from reduced production of thyroid hormone. When Hypothyroidism is of severe stage & long standing,  it is seen as myxoedema which is characterised… Continue reading Thyroid Diseases in brief…. part 2.

Thyroid Diseases in brief…. part 1. 

#Hyperthyroidism #Grave'sdisease  Thyroid Diseases mainly consist :  1. Hyperthyroidism  2. Hypothyroidism  3. Thyroiditis  Hyperthyroidism  Hyperthyroidism is the syndrome resulting from excess of thyroid hormones. The term Hyperthyroidism indicates thyroid gland overactivity resulting in thyrotoxicosis, but thyrotoxicosis can occur without hyperthyroidism when stored hormone is released from a damaged thyroid or when excess thyroid hormone is… Continue reading Thyroid Diseases in brief…. part 1. 

DASH Diet..

This is something to live with and manage your High Blood pressure. DASH Diet Small changes can have great impact on your health. Here are few tips on how to incorporate the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet into your daily life. The diet is simple:  Eat more fruits,  vegetables and low fat dairy… Continue reading DASH Diet..