Is there any relationship between Papaya and Cancer?

Welcome back to the new step of becoming healthy. 😀 As we all know our diet keeps us most healthy in life. Fruits and vegetables are important in daily diet. Papaya is also great fruit for the body. Papaya is a fleshy fruit with a rapid pulp softening during ripening. Dietary fiber are generally considered carbohydrates that are incompletely processed by human digestive enzymes but … Continue reading Is there any relationship between Papaya and Cancer?

Memory difficulties in daily life of Elder persons?

#memory #dementia #Alzheimer’s #health #healthblogger How are you my healthy community? Hope you all doing well & making your life healthy. Can any one guess about what I am going to share today? Well, If you can guess that’s good and if you can’t that’s very good. Let’s move to the topic…. Presently many of the elderly persons suffers from memory difficulties in daily life … Continue reading Memory difficulties in daily life of Elder persons?


#hypersplenism #health #anemia #leucopenia #rare #ahmedabadblogger #healthblogger WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY FRIENDS (new year according to gujarati months i.e. post diwali) So in this post I am sharing a bit knowledge about the rare condition Hypersplenism. I think everybody have some relatable knowledge about very common health conditions like Diabetes , Blood Pressure problems , Heart attack but they … Continue reading HYPERSPLENISM

Low Back Pain ; Sciatica

#lowbackpain #sciatica #heels #fashion #blogger #healthblogger #health #physiotherapy As I have told one of the reason for low back pain & Sciatica in my previous post i.e. High heels. Let’s go in detail – What is Sciatica? Sciatica is a condition in which sciatic nerve is involved. From the origin of sciatic nerve that is from the spinal cord in lower levels L5 -S1 nerve … Continue reading Low Back Pain ; Sciatica

👠 Heels OR Health; What’s more Important? 🙇

#highheels #heels #health #lowbackpain Hello lovely souls… Here I am with another major issue related to health & heels. So now a days Fashion is must for everybody. Fashion trends goes with High heels 👠 around the world. Starting from the teen age or we can call starting from childhood preety girls start following fashion or their family persons who are more fashionable…. they copied … Continue reading 👠 Heels OR Health; What’s more Important? 🙇

Are you overusing your hand..?

#De Quervain’s Tenovaginitis #DQ Don’t worry… Just have knowledge & be aware that what can be happen if you use your hand over the limit… Overuse doesn’t mean regular activities of hand.. ( talking in terms of wrist ). The problem starts if you are professionally working in that kind of work which needs your wrist to work more… like to cooking as profession, sewing … Continue reading Are you overusing your hand..?

Facts on Breastfeeding – 2

In continuation of last post some more facts on Breastfeeding recommended by WHO are… ■ Long term benefits for children Beyond the immediate benefits for children, breastfeeding contributes to a lifetime of good health. Adolescents and adults who were breastfed as babies are less likely to be overweight or obese. They are less likely to have type- II diabetes and perform better in intelligence tests. … Continue reading Facts on Breastfeeding – 2