How to Protect Your Eyes during Corona Pandemic?

How to protect your eyes while studying and working from home online? Tips to take care of your eyes while working in front of a computer, tablet, or mobile screens. Effects of corona pandemic on eyes and over all health.

Hey! My Healthy People. I hope you all are safe in this pandemic situation. It is too tough to stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially in this Corona Pandemic. But you have to stay strong.

I came up today with some suggestions or tips on How you can keep your eyes protected and safe from the overuse of digital instruments like Tv, Mobile phone, Tablet,Computer, Etc.

Corona Pandemic brought all of us in Online Education, Online Fitness Classes, Online meetings, Online businesses, everything is now happens to work online. Work form home gave 30% to 40% relief from going out, facing traffic, and protect your self from the corona. But other than that it gave you so much of stress working online from work from the home format. And when your wifi or mobile network doe n’t work properly on someday, how you feel ? You know that better, Hahhaaha.

Relax. Take a chill pill. It’s ok you can’t be on zoom meeting or Google meet on time. Relax, if students are not ready at a given time for online education. Students, their parents, and Teachers all are equally stressing themselves for each other for giving and receiving Education.

Taking so much of stress to cope up with the online era, you forget about your health. At least spend one hour for your Physical and mental wellbeing. Start working out, do exercise or yoga or go for a walk, and most importantly do meditation for 15 minutes daily. Exercise and meditation release a stress-relieving hormone in your body gives your body and mind natural calmness and relaxation.

How to protect your eyes ? 
How to take care of your eyes.while online education ?

How to Protect your Eyes in the Online Era?

Spending most of the time in front of the computer, Tablet or Mobile Screens highly damage your eyes. Online education can be dangerous for little ones. Affection towards mobile is already ruining their eyes.


  • Wash your eyes frequently, possibly every one and a half hours.
  • Use Blue Light protection glasses while working or studying online.
  • Take a spoonful of Triphala Powder (Ayurvedic), dissolve in the water. Leave it overnight and wash your eyes with that water on the next morning.
  • Do Exercises of eyes three times a day. It includes forcefully open and close movement of eyes, Up-down, Right-Left, Rotation movements. Focusing on one point or tip of the nose.
  • Practice meditation for 10-15 mins in between work time or before sleep.

Implement this much in your daily life. It is helpful mainly for your growing children and You. Experience it how you feel doing this. And let me know in the comments your reviews.

Why and How to protect your eyes from Blue light ?

Thank you for being here, Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.

Prashasti Patel

By Prashastii Patel

Dr. Prashastii Patel is a Physical Therapist & a certified fitness trainer. Being in the medical field, she loves to share information and knowledge about Health, Fitness and Wellness here on this blog. Dr. Prashasti Patel is the Founder of Kaushalyam Fitness & Wellness Center. She also runs another blog in the category of Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. She has also done master in Reiki Healing. She treats people with Reiki also.

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