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5 Best At Home Workout Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

5 Best At-Home Exercises to Reduce your Belly Fat. You can do these 20 minute workout at home so easily to keep your self active and fit, It also helps to make your core strong 7 reduces belly fat.

Hello Folks! I hope you all are doing well during the lockdown time. I was thinking of posting something related to fitness here for a long. And finally getting content related to fitness for you guys. 

Being at home 24*7 during the covid-19 lockdown, people tend to become very lazy and foodie. I was also one of them initially… Haha.

But that laziness is not going to help you anytime. It may make you obese and will invite some lifestyle diseases. Your body and mind need to be active even if you be at home. Your physical, mental and emotional health is challenging to maintain when you stuck up at the same place between the same people surrounding you. 

While enjoying a good time with family members and work from home stress, you should not forget about your health and fitness. The Coronavirus fear may influence you to consume some herbal/ayurvedic medicines and drinks to increase immunity power, but along with that, add some exercise to your routine to boost your immunity more

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Fitness lovers do miss their gym workouts. Hence it is high time to create a home gym. Home gym workout are as exciting as the gym workout. Even if you are not a fitness lover, once you start exercising at least 20 minutes a day will change your way of looking towards health and fitness. At-home workouts can be done without any gym equipment. You can use whatever available at home as weights according to the exercises which you are performing. 

People usually follow online workouts given by some fitness influencers or fitness experts. I would not suggest to follow them if you are a beginner. While exercising, your posture should be perfect for gaining maximum use of that exercise; Otherwise, it will end up giving you injury and pain. For beginners, i would suggest taking online training from a fitness expert or physical therapist is the best decision for doing the exercise correctly. 

The 5 At home workout moves to reduce Belly Fat

Crunches: – Lie down on your back. Fold your knees and maintain shoulder-distance between both feet and knees. Place your hands behind the head. Now just move your upper back off the floor. Repeat this move for 15 times. 

Exercises to reduce Belly Fat

Leg Raises: Lie down on your back. Place your palms facing the floor below your hips to support your spine. Keep both the legs join and straight from the knee. Now lift both the legs till 90 degrees, continue the same for 15 times without resting your legs on the floor in-between. 

Exercises to reduce Lower Abdomen

Abs-Cycle: Lie down on your back. Try to touch your elbows to opposite knees. While doing this, your upper and lower body will be off the floor slightly. Complete cycle counting 15 times for each leg. 

ABS Cycle - Exercise to reduce belly fat

Plank: Plank is the most known exercise to reduce belly fat. It is not only related to your belly fat reduction. Plank is considered as full-body exercise as it engages your core and balances your body throughout you maintain the plank. Lie down on your abs, place your elbows just below the shoulders and rest the forearm on the floor. After that, lift your full body off the floor, keeping only toes on the floor. Your hips should be in the straight line to the body. Maintain this posture for 30 seconds.

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Plank - Best Exercise to reduce belly fat

Side Plank: Lie down on the left/right side of the body in a straight line. Place your elbow below the shoulder. Lift your body up in the air keeping support on the floor through one elbow and forearm and lateral border of the feet. Maintain the posture for 30 seconds; repeat on another side. 

At Home Workout to reduce belly fat

Recommended sets of all exercises are 4; it will take a maximum of 20 minutes to perform all 4 sets of these 5 Exercises. 

You will feel amazing after this 20/25 minutes workout. After a workout, enjoy a protein smoothie or a bowl of sprouts.

Happy Quarantine Workout!

By Prashastii Patel

Dr. Prashastii Patel is a Physical Therapist & a certified fitness trainer. Being in the medical field, she loves to share information and knowledge about Health, Fitness and Wellness here on this blog. Dr. Prashasti Patel is the Founder of Kaushalyam Fitness & Wellness Center. She also runs another blog in the category of Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. She has also done master in Reiki Healing. She treats people with Reiki also.

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