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All time Favorite – Summer Cooler Drink

Who don’t like summer cooler drinks in these Hot Days …? Tell me what’s your favorite drink….. these days?

I am sharing today a very very basic drink which you can make from only 2-3 ingredient & it is also an easy and quick recipe.

What do you expect to make from 2-3 ingredients? Guess….

Punjabi-o-di favorite LASSI. I made it last week and thought to share with you. I made the basic lassi not the flavored one. For that I used only 2 ingredient to make – Yogurt and Sugar. For garnishing I used chopped pistachio .


  • Yogurt 1 and 1/2 cup .
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup


Add both the ingredient into a bowl and blend it with blender. U can add icecubes to make it cooler. I used cold yogurt and after making I refrigerate lassi for half an hour so I didn’t used icecubes .

After blending the lassi is ready to serve. Pour it in the glass and garnish with your favorite chopped dryfruits.

Make it, try it & Enjoy your summer cooler. Share what else you prefer to get cool in these summery days.

Happy Summer . Stay Healthy , Stay Happy.


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