Relaxing Reiki : A Quick nap during a Day

Relaxing Reiki : A Quick nap during a Day

Hello beautiful Souls..  I hope and pray that you always be blessed with positive energy within & around you.

I am practicing reiki since 2012 & this year I found something new about it. It is very usual with any reiki practitioner, but I found it later so sharing it with you today.

Whenever I feel tired and I thought I need some more sleeping hours to charge my body and mind; I started reiki flow lying in bed in silence,  within half  an hour everything gets sorted. Reiki charges my body and mind within half an hour. It relaxes you completely. I feel so fresh and energized after that session. I usually do this in afternoon because I feel tired after working in morning. And I need to get recharged for working more hours in the evening.

Another thing when it helpful is whenever you mess up in troubles and can’t able to find any proper solution then this quick nap will definitely help you by relaxing your mind and find the best possible solution.

Reiki helps me out every time I need it. Reiki changed my life completely & I will be thankful to this positive life energy throughout my life. I would suggest, if you get any chances to experience Reiki Energy or learn it then never miss it. Just give it a try once.

You can share your experiences of Reiki Energy with me in the comments or more in the mailbox. I would love to know and will publish on the blog. You can mail me at



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