Stay Hot, Stay Healthy.

Stay Hot, Stay Healthy.

Hello , My healthy community. What do you think about post through the title?  Looking Hot makes you healthy? Really? No way I am not at all talking about looking Hot, I am just talking about to be Hot ( body temperature). Not telling to get fever, lol.

We usually have the normal body temperature of 37 degree. When we get some injury/ infection we tend to get fever that is increase in body temperature than the normal. Fever develops to control the infection / inflammation within the body.  through this science fact a new research has done.

All the information below are through the research ….

The hotter our body temperature, the more our bodies speed up a key defence system that fights against tumors, wounds or infections, new research by a multidisciplinary team of mathematicians and biologists from the Universities of Warwick and Manchester has found.

  • Higher body temperatures speed our bodies’ responses to infections, wounds and tumors – researchers at the Universities of Warwick and Manchester prove.
  • Slight rise in temperature and inflammation – such as a fever – speeds up cellular ‘clock’ in which proteins switch genes on and off to respond to infection.
  • New understanding could lead to more effective and fast-working drugs which target a key inflammation protein found to be critical for the temperature response.

In normal life the 24 hour body clock controls small (1.5 degree) changes in body temperature.

Professor Mike White, lead biologist from the University of Manchester, said the study provides a possible explanation of how both environmental and body temperature affects our health:

“We have known for some time that influenza and cold epidemics tend to be worse in the winter when temperatures are cooler. Also, mice living at higher temperatures suffer less from inflammation and cancer. These changes may now be explained by altered immune responses at different temperatures.”

The research is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA)Source


Stay healthy, Stay happy , Stay hot.

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