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Anger Management with Reiki

“Anger is an emotion that calls the person feeling it to respond.”

I know for anger management there are so many ways I mean different types of therapies are there, but here I am going to discuss some important things about Anger and How I overcome my angriness through my life.

When I was in school in 7th – 8th grade at that time I used to have so much angriness issues. And it was present till my 2nd -3rd year of college education. Anger destroys your mental status. Reasons behind angry nature or getting angry through just a small stimuli are varies in person to person.

Basically most general causes of anger problems are stress, abuse, poor social or familial situations & poverty.  Some medical conditions are also responsible for anger like drug addiction, mental instability, alcoholism, biochemical changes, post traumatic stress disorder. Psychological disorder such as anxiety and depression also leads to anger.

Prolonged or intense anger and frustration contributes to physical conditions such as Headaches, Digestive problems, High blood pressure and Heart diseases.


Getting enough sleep, exercise and good diet are tools which assist in preventing anger. These things will help you to prevent and control anger by working on physical body.

We all have a very powerful spiritual body and according to Yoga – Reiki – Spiritual healing, we have 7 main chakras in our body. When there is imbalance in our any 1 chakra there will be some type of discomfort or some medical condition in our physical body appears. So, angry nature or getting angry in a little thing without any reason suggests imbalance in Ajna(Brow/Third-eye)  Chakra.

I learned Reiki first and second level in year 2012. Reiki has changed my personality completely. Reiki energy heals your past emotions which are responsible for triggering anger in a particular situation. So with time Reiki heals everything, cleanses your chakras and balances your Ajna(Brow/Third-eye) chakra.

Reiki energy adds forgiveness in our nature. That’s what happened with me, after becoming Reiki healer I have learned to forgive (not from the level of mind but from the level of soul). And that removed my angriness through my life. It doesn’t mean that you’ll never get angry. You may get angry but it will take time. You will be able to control your anger when there is silly reason or the problem have solution. You will realize that in this situation getting angry is not a solution. And by this you will learn to control your anger.



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