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Hello, Healthy people

Today I am going to invite all my readers. I am planning to post all the guest posts this April. So I am starting this #Aprilinvitations from this April2018. I have a good plan related to this thing. Hope you all will co-operate. This is a great opportunity to me and all of my readers to reach a great audience. And specially for beginners (newbloggers).

Now, I would invite the posts related to Health , Healthy lifestyle ,Exercising, Diet, Healthy food , Healthy recipes, Environmental awareness poetry, Anything else related to health. You can also share your treatment stories or your family’s treatment stories.

Requesting all my readers to participate. You have to share your article / story / poetry to my email address – with your descriptive profile. ( Name, Type of blogger, How much time you have spent in the blogging world?, What else you do other than blogging?, etc.)

I am going to make the posts professionally so above informations will be required. Would love to get your posts soon. Do share it especially to new bloggers in your contacts.

I think I have a good interactions with some of my blogger friends so would like to invite them personally and all others are also invited.

Not at all compulsory but if you are thinking about any different topic to share than why not this all topics? Do share them at mail.



31 thoughts on “APRIL INVITATIONS”

    1. Yeah… Why not? ☺. You can write something on healthy lifestyle, health , environmental awareness, nature’s effect on health….. etc. And also share with your friends on all social media. ☺. All are welcome.


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