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CKD brings low IQ in Children

Hello readers , Hope you all are fine. Sharing some knowledge related to chronic kidney disease.

As per new analysis outcome , Children with chronic kidney disease [CKD] may have lower intellectual functioning compared with the general population with mild deficits across academic skills, executive function and visual & verbal memory.

Chronic kidney disease in children clearly affect their physical health, but research also indicates that it can have impacts on mental health, neurocognitive function and academic performance. The analysis suggests that children with CKD may have low-average neurocognitive and academic outcomes. The global cognition IQ of children with CKD was classified as low-average. 

The research provides relevant information on the areas of need for example – working memory and mathematics – for which children with CKD may need guidance, practice and assistance , particularly for children on dialysis.

That’s it . Take special care of children having CKD and help them to improve in memory.



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