Weight loss Fruit Juice

Weight loss Fruit Juice

Winter is the full on season to have lots of green leafy vegetables and lots of pulpy fruits.

Making & trying something new is always good. Here I came up from my experiment this time.

Ingredients of this juice are :

  • 2 piece of Kiwi
  • A bowl of Pomegranate
  • 1 1/2 bowl of black grapes

Recipe :

Mix all the fruits in mixture bowl . Add 1 glass of water & some sugar (You can also use a sugar-free). Mix it . Add water according to the consistency of juice you want. Then mix again. Now strain juice in big another bowl. After that serve in glasses.

I used to drink it in thick consistency. You can adjust how you want it. You can have it in morning or in evening.

It is full of nutrients and it is also good for weight loss as it contains amazing low calorie fruits. Visually mouthwatering it is. Grapes gives a superb color to the juice.

☺ Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺

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