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Eggs are Healthy for Infant Brain Development

Hello healthy community . Today I came with some latest research information which will be beneficial to all parents for their brilliant child.

Eggs feeding to infants can provide key nutrient for better brains.


A study from the Brown School at Washiongton University in St. Louis finds infants who were introduced to eggs beginning at 6 months showed significantly higher blood concentrations of choline, other biomarkers in choline pathways, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

Lora lannotti, associate dean for public health and associate professor at the Brown School is lead author of study ,”Eggs Early in Complementary Feeding Increase Choline Pathway Biomarkers and DHA: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Ecuador,”published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Choline (a nutrient that acts like vitamin B) and DHA (an omega-3 fatty acid that serves as a structural component of the brain) play vital roles in infant brain development and function.

“Like milk or seeds, eggs are designed to support the early growth and development of an organism and are, therefore, dense in nutrient content,” Lannotti said. “Eggs provide essential fatty acids, proteins, choline, vitamin A & B12, selenium and other critical nutrients at levels above or comparable to those found in other animal food products, but they are relatively more affordable.”

Research showed that – Early introduction of Eggs significantly improved linear growth and reduced stunting among infants who were introduced to eggs beginning at 6 months.

Other than research we all know about how much nutritious Eggs are, So you should include an egg in your daily diet whatever your age is.

Source: Washington University in St. Louis

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