Seasonal Change

Seasonal Change

Hello Healthy Friends…. Hows doing all of you? I was a bit off from blog for last 1 month I think….

Being from Gujarat; I am a big big big fan of Navaratri so I was busy in that festival & I enjoyed alot this year.

After enjoying too much I am having cough & cold nowadays so sharing some general information about this COUGH AND COLD condition.

I receive cold especially when seasonal changes takes place. But every one doesn’t have same reason for cold. Most of the person get affected by seasonal changes. If you have lower immunity you will be seek immediately and for long time. If you have enough immunity to fight against that viruses you will be healthy and will not be affected much.

Whenever cold occurs due to seasonal change , my advice for that is please avoid medicine for that. Cold causing viruses helps us to build newer antibodies in our body to fight against that cold. So this will naturally improve your immunity level. If you go for medications, your body will not produce that particular antibodies in enough amount. You will be OK within minimum 2-3 days & maximum 1 week depending on your immunity.

Better to avoid medicines in condition of Cold. For cough you can go for some home remedies like turmeric milk, Roasted chickpeas, juice of tulsi n all.

If you guys want to know more about home remedies for cough or any other conditions ; let me know in the comments below.

☺ Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺

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