Low Back Pain ; Sciatica

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As I have told one of the reason for low back pain & Sciatica in my previous post i.e. High heels.

Let’s go in detail –

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition in which sciatic nerve is involved. From the origin of sciatic nerve that is from the spinal cord in lower levels L5 -S1 nerve roots. There it goes under tension due to disc displacement or minor injury. Basic cause of sciatic nerve impingement is disc displacement. And for that many other reasons or condition are responsible.

What is Nerve?

Nerve is the part which is responsible for muscle action. Nerve arises from brain & spinal cord. If the nerve gets cut the muscles which are supplied by it gets paralysed. So nerves are so much important for normal movements of your body.

When degenerative changes starts because of ageing, it leads to disc displacement or prolapsed disc condition. That is the reason for back pain. When it occurs in lumbosacral region most commonly involved nerve is sciatic nerve. Sciatic nerve supplies all the major muscle groups of lower limb (leg) like hamstrings, Calf.

When disc starts to compress nerve roots at the level of L5 -S1 , pain starts radiating down in the leg .

Initially pain may be tolerable but subsequently it becomes so much irritating that you have to go for check up & investigation reports.

Treatment includes medications for pain relief because the condition is not reversible, when nerve compression starts through bony structure of spine it will increase in future. Compression can be removed only by operative treatment. But if you care from the start of the condition you can stop more compression by avoiding particular type of work & movement. You can go for physiotherapy treatment which very effective for this condition.

So in continuation of HEELS OR HEALTH this is the eye opening post who blindly follow fashion trends of wearing heels.

☺ Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺


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