👠 Heels OR Health; What’s more Important? 🙇

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Hello lovely souls…

Here I am with another major issue related to health & heels.

So now a days Fashion is must for everybody. Fashion trends goes with High heels 👠 around the world.


Starting from the teen age or we can call starting from childhood preety girls start following fashion or their family persons who are more fashionable…. they copied them.. & start using high heels or just normal heels in day today wear.

For fashionistas it is must for their career aspect. But it can be dangerous for their future life.

High heels changes normal alignment of human body ; so body have to balance according to height of heels which is to be worn daily.

Very bad impact occurs on your spine, which leads to low back pain in 35-40 years of age & that is because degenerative changes and disc displacement. Another changes occurs in your lower leg muscles. High heels leads to shortening of calf & hamstring muscles ( leg muscles ) along with the nerve – Sciatic nerve. Sum up of low back pain – disc displacement -shortening of muscles & nerve leads to severe condition in early age than normal .

So keep reading – Detailed information about condition is coming in the next post .

Healthy Advice : Now onwards avoid high heels & go with the flats. You can wear heels occasionally , possibly 2-3 times a month for few hours.

☺Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺


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