Thyroid Diseases in brief….part 3 

# Thyroiditis

So lastly remains Thyroiditis from the thyroid diseases…

Thyroiditis is a term indicating presence of thyroid inflammation.

Causes : 

  • Autoimmune thyroiditis
  • Postpartum – painless thyroiditis
  • Acute infectious thyroiditis
  • Post irradiation
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Riedel’s thyroiditis

Acute thyroiditis

Clinical features : 

  • local pain , tenderness
  • Painfull swallowing / difficulty in swallowing 

Postpartum thyroiditis – painless lymphocytic thyroiditis occurs in upto 10% of women, postpartum.

Riedel’s thyroiditis – rare , occurs primarily in middle aged women.

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – An autoimmune disorder which typically affects middle-aged & elderly women.

Feel free to ask if you don’t understand medical terms. 
☺ Stay healthy, Stay happy ☺

By Prashastii Patel

Dr. Prashastii Patel is a Physical Therapist & a certified fitness trainer. Being in the medical field, she loves to share information and knowledge about Health, Fitness and Wellness here on this blog. Dr. Prashasti Patel is the Founder of Kaushalyam Fitness & Wellness Center. She also runs another blog in the category of Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle. She has also done master in Reiki Healing. She treats people with Reiki also.

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