YOGA : A beautiful gift by Guru Patanjali 

#InternationalYogaDay #yoga #relaxation #health

Hi friends , coming up with some knowledge of Yoga. Yoga mean to be centred / focused in whatever you do.. Yoga in general makes you relax, calm & healthy. 

Firstly introduced by Yoga Guru Patanjali;  How intelligent he was at that time? we just can’t imagine it…

Yoga is a miracle for some diseases & conditions . Through Pranayama and Asanas  so many diseases are cured. 

Internally Yoga – i.e. pranayam & asanas centralise our life energy , make our chakras balanced thus we can be healthy internally means mentally and physically. 

Yogasanas should be learned by every child which improves their physical fitness,  flexibility & strength from their younger age. On other hand yoga can be learned at any age when  you don’t have any severe conditions like spondyolisthesis , pott’s spine , if you have gone through joint replacement surgery then localised movement involving that joint should be avoided.  

This technique to become overall healthy takes time and don’t give immediate results so you must understand that if you want to treat your disease or condition from root then you have to keep patience. 

So.. these words are for awareness for all of you.. as International Yoga Day is coming on 21st June & celebration occur worldwide. 

Start becoming healthy by doing YOGA.

Stay healthy Stay happy ☺ 


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