Wake up People… Environment is for Us.

Move on! #save the environment.


Fresh and live air surround,
Peace in party still a sound.
This sound is very pleasant,
Because there is no pollutants.

Wide variety of creature,
They all live in the nature.
Seeing their vivid picture,
I felt the most pleasure.

Look at the silver snow,
Seems like colourful rainbow.
Its beauty want to show,
Earth is your worth to know.


But nobleman made a government,
Started to play with the environment.

Beauty becoming the waste,
Waste becoming the nest.
All worrying about mobile charging,
No one for the global warming.

Living Giants creating problem,
Cleanliness is the main conclusion.
Its all knows,but who care
Environmentalist are very rare.


17 thoughts on “Wake up People… Environment is for Us.”

    1. Your poem gives all the aspects to make people aware for our environment & I really love that.. so it’s just a contribution from me to the people surrounding me…. to save my earth… for us & for our next generation and every life on the earth….

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